Things & Hacks That Will Help You Organize Your Home

Have you realized you have too much stuff, they’re occupying almost every liveable space in your home and you have no idea how to declutter? We have a whole different article on how to tidy up your home, but one of the ways you can organize and declutter is to invest in storage.

Have you realized you have too much stuff, they’re occupying almost every liveable space in your home and you have no idea how to declutter? We have a whole different article on how to tidy up your home, but one of the ways you can organize and declutter is to invest in storage. 

Different rooms in your home require different types of storage—space savers for your bathroom, a storage ottoman for your living room, and a canvas under-bed storage basket for your bedroom, for example—also because you use and store different items in each room. 

We scoured Buzzfeed for storage items  you might want to get for each room in your home as well as for ideas for repurposing items already lying around the house. You wouldn’t want those things to become the clutter, would you? Most of the items are available in IKEA or online on Walmart and Amazon.

Living Room

If you know you have too much stuff, drawers, cabinets, and shelves should be among the first things you thought to include when furnishing your living room. While those are a given, consider adding an end table with three shelves by your couch for the specific purpose of hiding all the remotes for your entertainment system, with enough room at the bottom storage for magazines that add some character to your home and which your guests can help themselves to while waiting for you to finish preparing dinner or getting ready.

Do you have enough shelves, not enough seats? Get a storage ottoman instead, which is great for keeping random stuff—from old magazines and photo albums to, yes, even those remotes. You can even flip the lid over and use it as a serving tray! Find one sturdy enough for adults to actually sit on.


You may not realize it, but the bathroom is one of those rooms that definitely require several shelves and cabinets. But as these take up precious space, you may not always find them built into the bathrooms of, say, your rental home. You can solve this by getting a bathroom space saver with three shelves that you can put right over your toilet—adding more vertical space where the back of your toilet is already located.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have storage under your sink, you can get some low or corner shelves underneath it to maximize the space.

Don’t want to buy more shelves? If you already have an existing spice rack that barely holds anything because, well, you don’t cook, just move it beside your sink for keeping your toiletries. Go ahead and paint it the same color as your bathroom. You may also mount it inside the medicine cabinet door, if it has space for more storage.

Another item you can repurpose for the bathroom if you’re low on cabinet space or don’t have one to begin with is an over-the-door shoe holder that you can use to stash toiletries and cleaning supplies. You’ll have plenty of hanging spots for keeping your shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, deodorant, disinfectants, etc. all within reach without taking up surface space.


Are all the cabinets and drawers in your bedroom full to bursting—and you have more stuff to store? Grab a covered under-bed storage basket so you can guiltlessly shove items under the bed without worrying about the dust they will accumulate.

And if you have yet to get a headboard for your bed, pick a bookcase headboard for keeping your new book stash and journals within reach. Find one with hidden drawers or panels for storing other knick-knacks you need with you when you're already too lazy to leave your bed—from skincare products and writing materials to snacks.

Speaking of bursting closets, free up some room by taking out your collection of wallets, clutches, and wristlets, then organizing them on a repurposed rack that’s normally used for keeping pan lids in the kitchen. This would help you pick out which one to use according to your mood, outfit, or purpose, since all of them are laid out for you.

Kitchen & Dining Area

Instead of letting wine bottles take up too much cabinet space, turn them into a work of art by displaying them in a wall-mounted wine rack. 

If drilling holes on your walls is not an option, a foldable wine rack would be a better choice. You can either put it on top of the counter or table for easy access or store under cabinets when it need not be displayed prominently.

What you might want to hang in a mounted rack instead of store in a cupboard are your pots and pans. This will save you loads of space (especially if you have a small kitchen) and makes it easy for you to grab which one/s you need. Pick one with enough hooks and space for hanging pots, pans, ladles, spatulas, cutting boards, knives, and other cookware.

If you also want to save more space in your cupboards, get a narrowfour-tier rack that will help you maximize tight spaces for storing spices, sauces, oils, seasonings, and maybe even small cups and bowls.

Meanwhile, you can organize all the clutter under your sink by getting an over-the-cabinet basket you can hang inside the door of your kitchen cabinet.

Another item you can get for your under-sink cabinet? An attachable bag saver for storing plastic grocery bags. Not only do you help Mother Earth, you also know exactly where to stash those grocery bags after putting away their contents (instead of stuffing them inside another plastic bag that you will just store in a random drawer or cabinet) and where to get a bag when you need one.