Citra Embun (Citra Embun)


As with all our developments, Citra Embun is in deference to the piece of land on which it is build. Homes are designed to allow nature to exist within the
interior. Large windows welcome sunlight in and transform the views of the green surroundings into permanent pictures on the wall. The design encourages
natural ventilation, and the line between architecture and nature is blurred.

With easy accessibility, you would enjoy smooth journeys to and from work. Upon returning, cast the world away as Citra Embun provides everything else you need to nurture familial ties,friendships, and take care of your own personal
growth. Nearby amenities cater to all of life’s necessities; big and open spaces allow families to spend quality time together, and communal areas aplenty are perfect for entertaining friends and engaging with neighbours.

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不動産会社 セリ パジャム デベロップメント
建物名 Citra Embun (Citra Embun)
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建築年 0

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