Kundang Estates (クンダン エステーツ)


Kundang Estates is an 89-acre boutique residential development that embraces the charms of countryside living, and was awarded the Family-Friendly Awards by the starproperty.my 2017. Aimed at promoting multi-generational, community living with its 573 units of double-storey terrace residences, the development offers four interconnected parks with different features and activities for residents of all ages.

The four parks are named Lakeside Gardens, Community Farms, Esplanade and Adventure Parks. The Esplanade features the Flying Fox, open air trampolines and the beautiful-landscaped Flower Lane, The Lakeside Gardens presents a scenic jogging and bike trial that circles a mesmerizing lake and also links to the entire estates.

Thrill-seekers of all ages, on the other hand, will find Adventure Parks enthralling with its unique extreme bike trial and adventure climbing web. The Community Farm, with its planting-beds, enables residents to bond as they get together to grow plants, herbs and vegetables for personal consumption under the guidance of professionals.
Kundang Estates boasts good connectivity via the LATAR Expressway as well as the North-South Expressway and Guthrie Corridor Expressway.

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建物名 Kundang Estates (クンダン エステーツ)
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