Liberty Arc (リバティー アーク)


Sprawled over 6.5 acres of a total of 87 acres of freehold land, LIBERTY arc @ Ampang Ukay is the first series in a succession of superior-quality residential and commercial offerings. This development is aimed to transform Ampang Ukay into a new-age dimension, at the best value for this popular landmark area.

Structured masterpieces, LIBERTY arc @ Ampang Ukay is presented in three distinctive residential towers set gloriously against the capital skyline. These are complemented by 32 retail units to create a vibrant & iconic food & beverage and entertainment address.

The beautifully-crafted and intelligent use of space turns each LIBERTY designer suite into the amazing works of art that welcome discerning few. It offers one of a kind fully-furnished & hotel-standard designer suite. Here, there is hundreds of wallpaper designed for wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor coverage for your choosing. Leaving no walls naked!

From the intimate space that lies within your LIBERTY designer suite, you can step out into the world-class gym room spanning over 5,000 sq.ft of space as well as the breathtaking landscape designed by internationally-acclaimed landscape architect.

賃貸 & 販売

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不動産会社 アンダマン グループ
建物名 Liberty Arc (リバティー アーク)
総戸数 1,632
建築年 2019

写真 & 動画