Camella Pagadian (カメラ パガディアン)


Camella Pagadian, a charming Mediterranean house and lot development, is everyone’s ideal getaway – the ultimate romance and adventure escape. At Camella Pagadian, a grand guarded entrance takes one away from bustle of the city, ushering one into the quiet safety of a house and lot development that pays tribute to family and nature. From the entrance, a welcoming tree-lined avenue meanders around clusters of affordable homes that echo Italian summer villas and rotundas filled with blooms that allow the eye and soul to breathe. Charmingly-landscaped miniature parks and paths for walking, talking, cycling, and jogging are strewn around the property to create bewitching frames for the wood, cobblestone and cement of the pastel-hued affordable homes.

Accessing Camella Pagadian from the city or the reverse – is a breeze. Camella Pagadian sits on Rizal Avenue, a main thoroughfare and is close to the city’s integrated transport terminal, allowing residents access to all forms of transport, including the iconic 45º tricycles that Pagadian has become quite famous for. Standing close to the sea, the airport and seaport are both a stone’s throw away from the house and lot development, allowing easy movement by land, sea or air.

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建物名 Camella Pagadian (カメラ パガディアン)
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建築年 1

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