La Posada (ラ ポサーダ)


Surround yourself with the luxury you deserve here at La Posada as you and your family relish the peace and serenity while enjoying the charming San Francisco atmosphere. Located right in Lakefront in Sucat, Parañaque, allow yourself to bask in the ease and convenience of a modern home that complements the area's cool breezy atmosphere. Its seven-hectare community features classic interior design touches, straddling contemporary with classic charm.

La Posada homes are a fusion of Victorian opulence and modern day needs that it beckons exemplary of a homeowner with refined taste. Simple with a light whimsical flair, La Posada lifts the essence of urban homes and merges it with the modest forms of the San Francisco's way of life. Imagine your family and friends luxuriating at home with a cup of coffee in hand and the scent of flowers filling the air: fanciful yet timeless; sophisticated yet simple. Imbue yourself in an ambiance that lets you relax and unwind and choose a simple home that's bound to be forever timeless. The lovely San Francisco lifestyle is never too far in the bustling city of Paranaque as you look out from your porch in your La Posada home. Not to mention, it also offers a resplendent 180 degree view of the Laguna de Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges. How sweet can life get?

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建物名 La Posada (ラ ポサーダ)
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建築年 1

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