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Every business has a beginning; the first steps towards developing a story as the team marches forward through a journey of growing and establishing the brand's presence in the industry. It's about who we are and what we do best in the industry that we have chosen to embark on. At OCR Land Holdings Sdn. Bhd., we treasure our beginnings as our solid foundation is built based on that very first step: TRUST. As one of the leading property development companies in Klang Valley (Malaysia), our brand is widely known for niche residential and commercial development projects. Since our establishment in 1989, we have been recognised as a reliable property developer delivering innovative quality property developments that add values to the lifestyle of this nation. Our first milestone was kicked-off with the launch of Villa Dahlia Townhouse in 2001. It's an inaugural development project appreciated for its prime location and contemporary tropical urban architectural infrastructure; a total heart winner with homeowners resulting in excellent sales. Building up on this success, our team continues to pursue the hearts of homeowners through five more quality projects – Casa Utama, Beverly Residence and a series of duplex townhouses known as Eastwood, Westwood and Chestwood Terrace. Over the years, OCR continues to develop its success story through ongoing projects such as Westwood Terrace II, Chestwood Terrace II, D'Residency, Palm Reserve and one of the most significant projects, PJ5 Soho Office Suites. Innovative high quality deliveries complemented by excellent services to every customer has set OCR apart from its competitors. With the success of each project, we continue to embark in more exciting projects to provide even greater comfort to all. In the decade to come, we have seven projects on a four-year pipeline with a total gross development value more than RM 1billion. OCR is a proud subsidiary of the OCR Group of Companies (OCR Group) that specialises in construction, property management, trading, aquaculture farming, restaurants, automobile business, sports and advertising. With its diversified business apertures, the OCR Group is on its way to be one of the leading group of companies in Malaysia.

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