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RAFELI REALTY AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is a company primarily engaged in the purchase, development, management, and sale of real estate.

We acquire real estate directly or through joint venture arrangements with companies or individuals who own real property. While price is always a consideration when acquiring real estate, we also carefully consider the economic health of the locality, the competitive forces, the potential market, and the strategic importance of its location before we embark on any new project.

In addition, we look for improvement potential in the properties—features that can be enhanced and highlighted. Through diligent research, and strategic physical planning such as land use evaluation, mixed use densities, landscaping, and rezoning, we significantly increase lot yield, economic return, and value appreciation of many of our properties.

Aside from developing properties, we also act as brokers for other property owners and developers. Our main purpose for engaging in this collateral business is to keep abreast of the latest developments in our industry.

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