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i-Park@Senai Airport City, is another exciting project by AME Development Sdn Bhd and Fujiplates Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. AME Development (a member of AME Group) was established as a property developer with a strong commitment to quality and dynamic result-orientated approach. AME is an integrated boutique industrial developer with vast experiences who provides one-stop service centre rendering services from project establishment including design development and planning stages with relevant authorities; on-site construction and management; even post maintenance work after delivery of the buildings to clients. All these projects with buildings vary from manufacturing factories (electronics / precision engineering / F&B / consumer products); oleo chemical/processing plant; warehouses; etc. The FOP Group supplies a range of products to cater to the printing industries. Its products include offset printing plates and related chemicals, and gravure cylinders. Every product FOP ships are manufactured to exacting standards, and must exceed even the most stringent of quality control. This commitment to customers has been ingrained in each and every one of us along the production line. We will not stop till we have attained perfection.

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