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Setia EcoHill is a 673.4-acre eco township designed to provide the ideal setting for a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and modern conveniences. The master plan of low-density development of just 10 units of houses per acre is based on the Live Green! DNA to give a holistic and sustainable lifestyle that encompasses well-designed, energy efficient homes, over 60 acres of park land and green spaces, extensive facilities that promote sustainability and much more. Features: Sustainability and a small carbon footprint go hand in hand. We provide myriad of opportunities for residents to lower their energy consumption, from planning a township complete with a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths and ensuring that facilities are within walking distance to building energy-saving houses with solar power or renewable energy capabilities. A sustainable community must be as self-contained as possible with avenues for residents to buy locally. To this end, Setia EcoHill’s master plan has provisions for a commercial centre as well as farmer’s market to provide opportunities for the nearby organic farms and market gardens to sell their produce directly to the township’s residents. At least 10% of the development has been reserved as green zones, such as parks, gardens and pocket gardens. This is further enhanced by generous streetscapes as well as turfed and landscaped banks of the engineered waterways and detention ponds. The aim is to create a sustainable ecosystem and protect the water table while providing the community with a wholesome and serene environment. Some of the themed gardens at Setia EcoHill are: - Setia EcoHill Park - Oriental Garden - Grassland Park - Rainbow Creek - Angel Cascade Creating a sustainable township begins with a master plan that addresses every aspect of the development at every stage. Our objective is to build Setia EcoHill as responsibly as possible right from the point of ground-breaking to put in place environmentally-friendly infrastructure and green design concepts to ensure that the township can be sustainable for the long run. Recycling is one of the key activities at Setia EcoHill. Residents will also be able to bring their organic waste for composting which will be used to fertilise the plants in the township. Setia EcoHill offers residents an inspiring learning environment where the parks and gardens are designed for the conservation of the original ecosystem of the site which will instil a deep appreciation for Malaysia’s tropical environment.

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