BGC Finds: Perfect Pieces for Your Home


In the early 2000’s, Taguig City was a vast land filled with so much potential. Leading property developers recognized this and invested in lands. Almost two (2) decades later, the city has become one of the fastest progressing districts in Metro Manila. As known commercial establishments started rising, the fast sprouting of residential properties quickly followed. Now, Taguig is composed of popular developed areas that contribute to the progress of the city – Among these are Bonifacio Global City, McKinley Hill, Acacia Estates and Arca South.

With the fast spreading of residential properties, the demand for good home pieces increases as well. When before you will go to LRI Design Plaza in Makati or even farther, Pampanga, for a wide range of home furniture that will fit your taste, now, you have countless choices in furniture and other fixtures for your home. If you live within Taguig, you need not go far. There are great finds right in your neighborhood. 

Vertical or Horizontal?

Whether you live in a condominium (vertical) or a house (horizontal), there is a place for you. Here are some suggestions based on your living situation:


Pottery Barn – this store located in Central Square in Bonifacio High Street, offers classy modern pieces for the home. The store’s layout gives you a feel of your home’s ambience if you purchase your pieces from here. By simply looking at the furniture, you’ll see that it’s of premium quality but at the same time, it offers a feeling of being home. 

Furnitalia – Visiting their showroom at the 30th corner Rizal Drive will be something you’ll definitely remember and leave you awestruck. The Italian luxury furniture store has pieces that could well come out of a classic Italian movie. Whether it be an arabesque love seat or dining chairs with cabriole legs, you are sure to find only the top-notch quality in this store.

Capellini – The store in One Parkade in Bonifacio Global City offers contemporary home pieces. The store was brought by designer Giulio Capellini, who is known for modern designs that won a permanent spot at the furniture collection of MOMA New York. Being a leader in home design innovation, a book was launched in March 2018 entitled, The Capellini Method, that shares the life story of the designer, and relates to where his inspirations came from. This store is one true testament that interior design can definitely keep up with the times, and in most cases, even leading the trend in design. If you want a design that constantly evolves, works with different types of materials, shapes, even production systems, you should definitely make Capellini a stop when you go furniture shopping.

Dizon Home and Design Center – It is refreshing to see a long-running, locally owned furniture manufacturing business. Established in 1988, Dizon Designs is going strong, perhaps it’s because they have a pulse of their market, their consumer-oriented nature and a well-rounded approach in addressing the needs of their clients. Want an interior design consult? They can do it for free. More often than not, they provide custom-made furniture design that fits the homeowner’s style, taste and personality. Want to have your dining area or your sala designed? Check out Dizon’s at the third level of Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City.


In the early 2000’s, real estate developers started offering fully-furnished condominium units. This is so that buyers won’t have to go through the hassle of thinking about what furniture to buy or how to arrange the furniture to fit their unit. There are still some developments though that cater to a still large population of condominium-owners that still want the freedom of designing their own unit. It’s a rather smart choice, because there are now so many design stores to choose from, and most of them really specialize on compact and limited spaces and they make sure they maximize every square foot.

Calligaris – This Italian brand is popular for its smart and modern design. From the walls, to individual home pieces, to even the floor, they can furnish with style. The brand usually caters to the younger market, who want the modern design, but timeless craftsmanship all at good value. If you are looking for a good set of furniture to design your condominium unit, then Calligaris is something you might want to check out, visit Clipp Center at 11th corner 39th in Bonifacio Global City.

Gautier – When it comes to design, European taste is always an easy yes. It still proves true with French brand, Gautier. Located in Shangri-la at The Fort, pieces you will find at this store has their signature of joie de vivre. Though elegant, this is sure to put some warm and home-like feel to your condominium. The best part is that when you purchase a Gautier furniture, you support eco-friendly practices as well as empowerment of local communities as the workforce.

Habitat – If you want the simple but beautiful, then Habitat is the perfect store for you. Founder Sir Terence Conran has this saying, “The useful can be beautiful, and beautiful affordable.” This says all and is something that definitely sells to the practical and tasteful. It’s all about take something ordinary and giving it a meaningful story, making sure that each piece is not only beautiful but functional. 

Qoncept Furniture – Do you want design with function? Find Qoncept and you’ll discover great pieces at affordable pricing. From Lighting, to tables, to bookshelves, you’ll definitely find the perfect furniture for your unit. Check out Qoncept at the third level of Market! Market!

SB Furniture – Going by the line, “turning your dream into reality”, SB Furniture is a locally owned furniture store that transforms bare spaces into beautifully designed homes. The business has been operating for over forty years and they really know their customers. They are actually the ones behind popular home settings like the Pinoy Big Brother house. 

Can’t get enough? Drive down to Bonifacio Global City and take a walk and you’re sure to find a place where you can get the perfect furniture that will make your house a home.