Residensi SIGC Seremban (レジデンシー SIGC スレンバン)


Residensi SIGC is a new development which is located in Seremban. This development is built around the idea of luxurious living, giving the sense of Resort for our residents. Buildings are built with modern designs and fitted with new urban technology, ensuring sustainability, the efficiency of space and most importantly, comfort.

Residensi SIGC offers a unique lifestyle with encompasses the integration of luxury and nature in a cohesive environment which would be a great place to foster families and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Located beside the Seremban International Golf Club, there’s always an abundant lush greenery in the form of green courses, as well as local flora providing a breathtaking view for our residents to enjoy in their every waking moment, when opening a window or taking a stroll along the Residensi SIGC enclave.

Residensi SIGC offers a resort lifestyle like no other and developed neighborhoods that both guarantees safety and space to residents to foster their family and form communal bonds.

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不動産会社 メトリックス コンセプト ホールディングス
建物名 Residensi SIGC Seremban (レジデンシー SIGC スレンバン)
総戸数 217
建築年 2018

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