Camella Cauayan (カメラ カウアヤン)


Envisioned as self-contained and welcoming, Camella Cauayan makes it easier and so much more inviting to live in what could be one of the finest places to set down a home in the country. Camella Cauayan brings back a time of quaint, villages where homes blended with the flora and the land. The homes in Camella Cauayan float in landscaped gardens that line the streets, color mini-parks, and crawl gracefully along trellised balconies. An elegant tree-lined avenue welcomes one into the community from the closely guarded main entrance gate. Containing fewer than 1,000 homes to allow for open areas and space to breathe and grow, Camella Cauayan offers a variety of home models from the Jewel, Camella and Lessandra series. Camella Cauayan includes a Mediterranean-inspired clubhouse with swimming pool, playground, basketball court— and surrounded by landscaped parks. Camella Cauayan is protected by a perimeter fence, round-the-clock security and roving guards. A shuttle service will take the residents around the property and nearby transportation sites.

Camella Cauayan’s location so close to central Isabela in Barangay Sillawit fits the bill perfectly. Its 20 hectares lie on Cauayan’s rolling plains, a quick seven minutes to the Cauayan Airport and 15 minutes to the Cauayan Central Terminal by car. Add another easy 10 minutes if one is planning to commute.

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建物名 Camella Cauayan (カメラ カウアヤン)
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建築年 1

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