Zadia (ザディア)


Zadia is a place where residents can thrive in green living and living inspired. It is a space to live with Greenspiration. Through its intricate beauty and wonder, it teaches us to turn away from distractions of everyday life and turn to nature for inspiration.

Designed to emulate the Greenspiration lifestyle, Zadia lets its green architecture speak for itself. From the luscious trees to the green interiors, Zadia proves that it is a luxuriant urban paradise that heaves up the idea of enjoying nature both indoors and outdoors.

Zadia itself is a green land, embraced by nature from lush landscapes like its open fields, to lively common areas like its clubhouse, to corporate halls like its lobbies, and cozy spaces like its room. Each unit is equipped with its own balcony, thus letting its residents freely enjoy the clear blue skies without the need to step outside of their doorstep.

Amidst the relaxation and tranquility brought about by its zesty surroundings, Zadia manages to keep up with the active city life. Located ath the heart of Greenfield City, Zadia is likewise situated close to Paseo, Laguna Central and Arcadia, three lifestyle establishments where restaurants, bars, cafes and outlet stores, shopping bargains with sprawling open spaces are located.

The development will be a split single cluster of five buildings. Zadia houses exquisite amenities that include (but are not limited to) an indoor and outdoor basketball court, a bustling clubhouse, a sparkling pool and a spacious play area.

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不動産会社 グリーンフィールド デベロップメント コーポレーション
建物名 Zadia (ザディア)
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